Autism Support Group

  • Address: Bedford Branch Library, 8575 Jackman Rd, Temperance
  • Phone: 847-4408
Region 5, Monroe, Support Groups

 For family members, friends, teachers and caregivers of autistic children

When: 7-9 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month

Mastrofrancesco AFC Inc

  • Address: 13795 Alton Road, Monroe, MI 48161
  • Phone: (734) 243-6140
  • Contact: Kim Emery
  • Email:
Region 5, Monroe, Children with Special Needs, Living Support
Mastrofrancesco is a non-profit organization specializing in residential respite care and community living support for individuals with mental impairments and/or developmental disabilities. The organization offers services in the consumer's home or in group home settings in contract with the Monroe Community Mental Health Authority.

Hope Newtwork West Michigan, Monroe Program

  • Address: 123 W. First St., Monroe, MI 48161
  • Phone: (734) 243-6659


  • Address: 852 West Elm Ave, Monroe, MI 48162
  • Phone: (734) 242-2177
  • Contact: Richard Sager
  • Email:
Region 5, Monroe, Children with Special Needs
The services offered by HOME, Inc. include community supported living arrangements, a drop-in center for adults with developmental disabilities, and respite care for children and adults

Monroe County Health Department

  • Phone: (734) 240-7905

John J. Ghesquiere

  • Address: 740 N Macomb St, Monroe, MI 48162
  • Phone: (734) 240-1760
Region 5, Monroe, Psychiatrists
Accepts Aetna insurance

Randy H Grodi

  • Address: 22 West Second Street, Monroe, MI 48161
  • Phone: (734) 273-9546
Region 5, Monroe, Mental Health & Counseling
Specializes in personal growth and human potential, life coaching, and depression

Monroe Community Mental Health

  • Address: 1001 South Raisinville Rd, Monroe Charter Township, MI 48161
  • Phone: (734) 243-7340

Michael Boudrie

  • Address: CoVentures, 986 S. Telegraph Rd, Monroe, MI 48161
Region 5, Monroe, Mental Health & Counseling
Specializes in addiction, relationship issues, and depression

Paul Amadi

  • Address: Neighborhood Counseling Servs Corp, 1112 E. East Sixth St, Monroe, MI 48161
  • Phone: (734) 494-2642
Region 5, Monroe, Mental Health & Counseling
Specializes in anger management, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, parenting, and trauma/PTSD

Cheryl Foster

  • Phone: (734) 276-7906
Region 5, Monroe, Mental Health & Counseling

Cheryl and many therapists on her staff have experience working in foster care and adoption.

Adoption sensitive therapy

 Accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Magellan insurance

Medical subsidy is the preferred method of payment

Sensory Learning Program

  • Phone: (419) 536-4680
Region 5, Monroe, Children with Special Needs

Geared towards individuals with learning issues related to visual processing problems.

 The Sensory Learning Program is a non-cognitive, non-invasive, foundational approach that uses light, sound and motion to stimulate the visual, auditory and vestibular systems simultaneously in order to improve sensory function

  Happy to schedule a free consultation and experiential session to answer your questions

Children's Special Health Care Services

  • Address: 2353 S. Custer Road, Monroe, MI 48161
  • Phone: (734) 240-7800
Region 5, Monroe, Children with Special Needs

Coverage and referral for specialty services based on the person's health problems. 

 Family centered services to support you in your role as primary caretaker of your child. 

Community based services to help you care for your child at home and maintain normal routines. 

Culturally competent services which demonstrate awareness of cultural differences.  

 Coordinated services to pull together the services of many different providers who work within different agencies.