We provide the following services

  • Time-limited adoption-sensitive case management and crisis intervention services.
  • 24 hour telephone access for adoptive families looking for support services. 
  • Information and referrals to appropriate community services. 
  • Liaisons for adoptive families with community services. 
  • Support groups for adoptive families and adopted children.  
  • Educational seminars for adoptive families.

Who qualifies?

PARC serves youths 21 years of age and younger, and their familes, who were:

  • Adopted from Michigan's foster care system, OR   
  • Adopted in Michigan through an international adoption, OR 
  • Direct consent/direct placement adoption, OR
  • Placed in a guardianship through Michigan's foster care system that are eligible for guardianship assistance through the DHHS adoption subsidy office.
Youth and families must require supportive services to ensure their on-going stability as a family unit.  The child's adoption must be finalized.

The philosophy that guides the Washtenaw and Genesee Post Adoption Resource Centers (PARCs) at Judson Center is based in the belief that building a family through adoption is different. These differences do not make adoption less desirable as a way to build a family, but they do impact the family dynamics and do include issues for families and children that are unique to adoption. Adoptive families, especially those who are raising children from the child welfare system, are different from families whose children are biologically related to them or one of the parents in the family. Because these differences do exist many adoptive families may, at some point or another, require help to work through issues that are adoption related. We at the Judson PARCs believe that adoptive families do best when they have helping professionals who understand the issues that are unique to adoptive families available to assist them. The staff at PARC will work to make sure that families receive the adoption sensitive help and support they need.