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Child Care, Statewide

Eligible for services if you are a family with low income, a member of a DHS protective services case participating in a treatment plan, a FIP/EFIP of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipient, or a FIP applicant doing a required work participation program activity

 You must have a child care need because of work, high school completion classes, approved education or training, or approved treatment activities for a health or social condition.

 The child care must be provided in Michigan by a licensed child care center, licensed group child care home, registered family child care home, or DHS enrolled unlicensed child care provider who has completed the Great Start to Quality Orientation and provides child care in the child’s home or provides care in his/her own home and is related by blood, marriage or adoption as a grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt/great-aunt, uncle/great-uncle, or sibling and must not live in the same home as the child.

   FIP/EFIP, SSI recipients, and children’s protective services families are eligible without an income determination.

  DHS child care rates are based on the type of provider you chose, the child’s age, and the provider’s training if the provider is an unlicensed child care provider.  If you are eligible because you are a low-income family, DHS pays 70-100% of child care costs.  The percentage depends on your gross monthly income and eligibility.  You are responsible for any child care costs not paid by DHS.

DHS (FIA) Child Day Care Services

  • Phone: (989) 725-3200

Macomb Family YMCA

  • Phone: (586) 468-1411

United Way for Southeastern Michigan

  • Phone: (800) 552-1183

Great Start Connect


Livingston County Department of Human Services- Child Day Care Services

  • Phone: (517) 548-0200

C Council

  • Phone: (517) 548-9112

DHS (FIA) Child Day Care Services

  • Phone: (517) 543-0860

Family Enrichment Center

  • Phone: (269) 660-0448
Region 5, Calhoun, Child Care

Drop-in childcare at Take-A-Break Childcare Center (no monthly or weekly commitment of hours for preschool and school age care, availbility of childcare on short notice, etc.). Preschool program through Take-A-Break Childcare Center each weekday from 9am to 3pm. Free or discounted respite care for families in crisis. Childcare for children suspended from school. Childcare for children with special needs whether they be physical, behavioral or emotional. Childcare for newly placed foster children who are transitioning from their biological family and home into a foster family.

Wrap Around

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  • Address: 206 W. Court St. Suite 302 Hastings, MI 49058
  • Phone: (269) 945-1386
  • Contact: Sheryl Overmire
Region 5, Barry, Child Care, Crisis Prevention
• Services provided through the court